6. What might we do individually-collectively to consolidate the learning from the past 2-3 years?

Add in your thoughts / brainstorm / bullet points to this page if discussing the above question.......

  • share experiences on what we have already learnt
  • identify strengths on staff
  • collegial support
  • techie brekies
  • share resources at syndicate and full school assembly
  • visiting other classes / schools
  • cluster mini conferences - or 2-3 schools / kids days / expos
  • work in team on projects eg. podcasts
  • reviewing and using
  • work in teams on projects eg. podcasts (share with whole school)
  • keep cluster wiki up-to-date
  • make responses
  • ask others
  • identify areas for PD and revisit areas
  • share resources across the cluster
  • hold cluster year group sharing sessions each term eg) years 0-2 teachers getting together to share