Workshop 2 Choices:
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Animation Programmes in the Classroom
John O'Regan
Workshop Outline:
In this workshop we will have a brief, hands on look at some simple to use, free to download, animation programmes and how they might be used by students as a means of telling a story of presenting their learning. Programmes will include Pivot, Squirlz Morph and Google Sketch up.
Presenter Background:
John has taught Year 5 at Hampden Street for 3 years.

Reo Rocks!
Trina Bennett & Carly Ave

Workshop Outline:
What makes Maori language exciting and how can a good teacher have more reo in the classroom? These are the questions that constantly exercise the minds of teacher practitioners in our quest to integrate Te Reo Maori in the learning environment using ICT. Many people rely on memories of past learning to guide them to a view of what Te reo integration in teaching should look like. Others draw up checklists of what to look for. So that’s what we’ll be doing in this workshop: watching teachers to decide how they incorporate Te Reo Maori and then, leading away from that introduction, coming to some conclusions about how we can strengthen delivery and confidence in Te Reo. In particular we look at what can be done when a teacher is not having much success. How can we help them to be more confident, what ideas can we give them and how can they enjoy this experience in the classroom. (we will be looking at a variety of ICT tools, blogs, wikis, YouTube for songs and pronunciation and how Microsoft programmes can be your best friend!
slWorkshop participants will be learning from each other and look at what it is that makes Te Reo so special. Nau to rourou, na taku rourou, ka ora ai te akomanga. With your food basket, and my food basket, our classrooms shall be abundant.
Presenter Backgrounds:
Trina has been in Senior management for 11 of 12 years teaching. She has taught in mainstream, kura kaupapa and bi lingual education. Trina moved here from Te Puke in 2007, and is currently at Nelson Central School, enjoying the passion of bi lingual education. Carly is a teacher and professional photographer. She has been involved in secondary and primary teaching.

Workshop Resources:

Slideshows Using Kid Pix
Carol Cowie & Judy Hawtin
Workshop Outline:
Carol and Judy will share the journey of a Year 1/2 class who used Kid pix to compile slideshows depicting Maori Legends. In the presentation we will include such things as the children's planning on paper, collating the pictures, and ways to add voice.
Presenter Backgrounds:
Carol is the DP at Clifton Terrace. She manages the junior school and teaches a Year 1/2 Judy works with individual children and groups who require extra help. This term some time has been given to helping teachers' with ICT programmes for their class.

Facing the Elephant (that is ICT) and eating it one bite @ a time
Tania OMeagher with support from Rachel Boyd
Workshop Outline:
Are you overwhelmed by the spectrum of choice in Web2 and ICT? This session will examine how to pick the cream from the crop of the field of Web2 that will best support learning for your students. A familiar theme observed by our presenters is “I just don’t have the time to get my head around it all.” To help our professionals step confidently through the balancing act of implementing new ideas into the classroom yet utilising the least amount of time, we will look at practical ideas for the management and implementation of ICT in your classroom. Great for beginners. We want you to leave feeling inspired by the spectrum not bogged down by detail! Remember, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!
Presenter Backgrounds:
Tania currently supports ICT with years 0 to 6 at Nelson Central School. She works alongside classroom teachers, supports specialised ICT projects and provides technical media assistance to teachers and students. Since beginning in her job at the start of 2008 Tania has enjoyed the challenge of embracing the evolving area of elearning. As a lay person Tania has observed a wide range of teachers and has supported them in their elearning journey. Rachel Boyd, ICT Lead at Nelson Central will be supporting Tania in this session.

Workshop Presentation:

Content is King: Web design for teachers
Craig Martin
Workshop Outline:
Learn some of the basics of web design so that you can build websites with your students (or just to smarten-up your blog or wiki). This practical hands-on workshop will cover: first principles of web design, how a webpage works, a few html basics (you just might need to know), adding graphics, photos and movies, saving and up-loadingyour site. Bring your laptop, your web development software (iWeb, etc.) and something to work on (student work, photos, etc.) and your questions.
Presenter Background:
Craig is a teacher and Principal. He is also a web designer and Web Challenge winner from 2003 to 2008.

An Interview With The Big Bad Wolf:
Create a Podcast, a Digital Story and a Digital Picture Book

Tia Fraser
Workshop Outline:
In this hands on workshop, we will start by learning how to record voice in Garage Band. We will be practicing interviewing the big bad wolf about his exploits and then in pairs we will interview characters from our favourite picture books. We will create a few slides in Kidpix and add voice. Then we will learn how to export this slide show to Keynote so that we can have a play there with some of the tools. If there is time we will have a quick look at how to easily turn our slides into a book in i-photo. This workshop is suitable for teachers of any age group. It would be helpful if you know how to load photos onto i-photo and if you bring along a picture book and digital camera. Apple based workshop.
Presenter Background:
Tia teaches a new entrant/year one class at Hira. She is interested in the creative aspects of ICT. She likes integrating photography, video, and art. This year Tia received an E-fellowship. She is working on a research project integrating picture books and ICT. Tia tries to teach simple skills which can encourage great learning.

Quick links to fantastic whiteboard activities across the curriculum
Rachel Wills
Workshop Outline:
You just know that the perfect activity for your lesson on Picasso is somewhere on the web, but who wants to stay up to midnight finding it. Well some idiot already has, so come to this session and steal their ideas... it's all about the sharing. Tried and tested in classes from Year 0-8 we can guarantee you'll go away with more than enough to last out the year.
Presenter Background:
Rachel teaches a Year 3/4 class but also currently teaches ICT full time across the school from Year 0-8.

Animation using 'I Can Animate'
Murray Burt

Unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.
People who were enrolled in this workshop have been emailed and advised to make another selection.

Visual Social Stories
Penny Cooper & Stefan Hervel
Workshop Outline:
The workshop will consist of a general introduction to Social Stories based on models from Carol Gray, a leading expert. Social Stories were primarily developed for use with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but have been found to be a very useful tool for many students. Boardmaker symbols and/or photographs are inserted into the social stories to add the visual component. The Boardmaker programme will be introduced in this session as a tool to to use to construct social stories. Hands on use of this programme will form a part of the workshop.
Presenter Backgrounds:
Penny started her career at Nelson Central School way back! She was a foundation teacher at Broadgreen Intermediate, then had a family. She trained as a Teacher of the Deaf and worked at Van Asch Education Centre in Christchurch before moving to Nelson, to Maitai School in 1994. She had 12 years in the satellite class at Auckland Point School, then was appointed Deputy Principal this year, based at Maitai School. Penny has had extensive training in Speical Needs Education programmes, and Teaching and Learning during this time. Stefan trained as a Primary School Teacher in Germany from 1993 - 1997; 1998 and worked at a school for young adults with learning difficulties. In 2000 he immigrated to New Zealand and completed the retraining course at Christchurch College of Education. From 2001 - 2002 he was a relief teacher at a number of Primary Schools and also Maitai School.Stefan now teaches full time at Maitai School, with special interest and ability in ICT.