Workshop 3 Choices:
You will need to select ONE of the following workshop options & follow the instructions to book into the workshop.

Using ICTs to support Key Competency development
Derek Wenmoth
Workshop Outline:
In this workshop Derek will illustrate a range of ways in which ICTs that are freely available may be used to support the development of key competencies described in the NZC. Focus will be on providing practical examples that can be easily implemented in the classroom.
Presenter Background:
Derek is the Director of eLearning at CORE Education. He was previously a teacher, principal and teacher educator. Derek is passionate about education in and for the future, and the ways in which technology may be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Workshop Presentation:

Inquiry Learning - Topic study or a way of teaching across all domains?
Teressa Hosie
Workshop Outline:
We all know that Inquiry Learning is a must for 21st Century Learning but how many of us are successfully walking the talk as often as we would like? Are we only using an inquiry approach for Topics? This workshop will be a practical hands on session outlining Inquiry Learning through Concepts, a model based on sound theory and one which makes lessons very engaging for teachers and students. Come and find out how Jean Edwards, Janice Gulbransen and Teressa Hosie's ILC model can help you walk the Inquiry talk!
Presenter Background:
Teressa has been teaching at the Y5, 6 and 7 level for the last 15 years at Henley and Mapua Schools. During that time she had 3 years out of the classroom working with teachers as an ICT Facilitator for the Waimea Cluster. Teressa then returned to Mapua School where she currently teaches at the Y7 level.

From Small Beginnings to Collaborative Learners
Allanah King
Workshop Outline:
Starting with developing the class blog you can join in our journey to connect & learn with other classes and learn from the experiences of others.
Presenter Background:
Allanah is the Deputy Principal at Appleby School teaching a lively group of Year Four and Five children. She started her journey of creating content on the web in 2005 and since then has been learning how to blog, podcast, collaborate and connect using web tools. She is an Adobe Educational Leader, last year travelling to San Francisco to attend the Adobe Global Educational Summit.

Presentation Resources:

Digital Story boarding using a green screen with Umajin Software
Jason Niedermeyer
Workshop Outline:
Explore Digital Storytelling with Umajin Creative green screening and a host of other capture tools on an Interwrite Interactive whiteboard. The process of digital creativity with rich media couldn’t be simpler or more fun than with Umajin Creative. Compose multi-page digital documents with rich text, digital photography (including Green / blue screen support), illustrations, sound, video, 3D models, particle fx, interactive functionality and so much more. Umajin Creative runs on both Mac and PC. It also supports interactive whiteboards so you can interact directly with the content.
Presenter Background:
Jason is a Sitech Systems education Technology Consultant.

Who says you can't have your cake AND eat it?
It absolutely is possible to provide a 21st century literacy programme and still have students who learn to read and write.

Dorothy Burt
Workshop Outline:
From experience working with students in Decile 1 schools Dorothy will share the literacy cycles teachers are developing in their cluster which are designed to give students an engaging and exciting 21st century eLearning experience but ensure that the foundations of literacy achievement are strongly developed. This is an evidence-based approach that allows students to experience technologies such as podcasting, movie making, animation, voicethread, blogging etc but still measures their literacy progress with asTTle, PROBE, NCEA etc. This eLearning Literacy approach began with the KPE podcasting project, which was researched through an eFellowship, and has extended to multiple projects in classes from Year 1-13. This workshop will provide you with a range of examples to analyse and offer you the opportunity to develop an eLearning Literacy Cycle to use with your own students. Your students will love it!
Presenter Background:
Dorothy Burt is the eLearning team leader at Pt England School in Auckland and is also the facilitator of the Manaiakalani EHSAS cluster. She is a Google Certified Teacer and an Apple Distinguished Educator. Her experiences in eLearning began in the classroom establishing initiatives such as television and podcasting and are strongly influenced by the question,"Will this contribute to raising student achievement outcomes AND provide a 21st century education experience?".

Workshop Presentation Notes & Resources:

Possibilities with web 2.0
Suzie Vesper
Workshop Outline:
This workshop will take you through some of the web 2.0 tools that are available to schools showing examples of their use in education. The wiki that will be used as a resource during this session is and participants will be able to revisit the resources on this wiki to support them in the use of these tools in their own classrooms. Come and find out about web 2.0 and what all the fuss is about.
Presenter Background:
Suzie started off as a ICT lead teacher at Johnsonville Primary teaching Year 3/4. She then worked as a facilitator for an ICT cluster of nine schools for 2.5 years. Currently Suzie is a National Facilitator for ICT clusters working for CORE Education.

Workshop Resources:

Creating Global Citizens: Human Rights in Education
Ced Simpson
Workshop Outline:
The international human rights framework and the web – two of the most important manifestations of globalisation. The workshop will explore how we can use both to develop global citizens.
Presenter Background:
Ced is director of the Human Rights in Education Trust – supporting schools in the requirement to ensure “respect for self, others and human rights [is] evident in the school’s philosophy, structures, curriculum, classrooms and relationships” as required by the revised Curriculum. He worked for two decades in human rights promotion and campaigning in a number of countries following a decade teaching mainly psychology & sociology to yr 12/13 in Tasmania.